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About Us

We are a multi-generational faith community that looks more like a big family than an organisation. 

Everything we do is centred around Jesus.

We believe Jesus is the Saviour, Healer, Baptiser in the Holy Spirit and the Soon Coming King.

We are committed to journeying together in an authentic community

as we practice the way of Jesus: being with Jesus, becoming like Jesus,  and doing what He did.

Families greeted upon entering church

A snapshot

In 1960 we opened our doors in the South West of Sydney. For over 60 years we have been serving our community and bringing hope to people of all ages. We have a Preschool, School, Homestead and Church Auditorium on a vast 5 Acre property. We are a community for every generation. Whether you are 5 or 85, there’s a group for you! A place to connect, contribute and make your life count by serving those in need in our wider community.

Religious Meditation

What we believe

We welcome everyone at HopePoint church. Just like any faith organisation, we have  some core beliefs that we hold true from the scriptures.

Want to know more?

Below you will find our foundation series. 

They address things like: faith, beliefs, history of our church, about the campus in Georges Hall, the Church,

School and Preschool, Our Church mission, values, and all about our unique culture.

HopePoint Foundation Booklet Series
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We are a part of a
big story...

We are associated with the Foursquare Church, which has over 86,000 churches worldwide.

Find out a bit about Foursquare in the accompanying video.

Meet Our Lead Team

At HopePoint Church, we are led by a team of pastors and leaders who are passionate about Jesus and serving our community. 

Ps. Warren Mortomore

Pastor Warren

Sr Lead Pastor

Pastor Warren has been on staff for over 30 years and has been our Senior Pastor for the last 20 years. His heart is for people in our church and in the local community. He has a passion for world missions. He oversees the Preaching and Sunday Ministry, the Foursquare Pastors, the Church Council and the Financial side of HopePoint.  He liases with the Foursquare denomination on our behalf. He serves alongside his wife Judith, and is the proud dad to three adult children and four grandchildren.

Ps Bec Tobar

Pastor Bec

Lead Pastor

Pastor Bec has been on staff for 19 years and has lead in many different areas of the church. In 2012 she came onto the Exec team and in 2020 she became the Lead Pastor. She preaches, leads worship and oversees the Staff, Ministries, Discipleship, Leadership and Strategic vision. She is also the Chair of the School Board. She serves alongside her husband, Cristian and has three teenagers. She is currently doing her Masters in Theological Studies at Morling College.

Ps Trina Bossard

Pastor Trina

Exec Pastor

Pastor Trina grew up as a teenager at HPC and has been on staff for the past 10 years. She has served in Next Gen Ministries and Events and came onto the Exec Team in 2020. She oversees Next Gen Ministries, Events and the Property.  She serves alongside her husband, Lester and has two young boys. 

Our Team.

We operate on a shared leadership model, where we aim to share responsibilities with others. 

Together is a word we use a lot at HopePoint. 

Leadership is something that we choose to do together.

We have two full time staff members and the rest of our staff are bi-vocational. They lead with the ministry directors to oversee minstries, pastoral care and administration.

The church council are voted on for a 2 year term by the members of HPC. They oversee the Property and Financial matters of the Church.

These Pastors are credentialed with the Foursquare Gospel Australia. They serve in various capacities at HPC. They add their wisdom, experience and support to the Executive Team

A mix of staff and volunteers who lead the Generations, Groups and Lead Ministries of HPC.

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