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One generation to another

Young Adult Community



This year we have injected alot of time, energy and money into creating a new welcoming space for our Young Adults to use on a Tuesday night.

YA will meet at TABLES each Tuesday night from 6.30pm. TABLES is located in the Homestead on the church property and is a unique space that is designed for connection in a relaxed environment. 

The program includes worship nights, fun nights with trivia, open mic, groups and mentoring. 

Every night includes great coffee and free wifi. Come early to hang out and connect before the program begins.


University Programs

For many years we have gone into the W, our local University to cook meals, help with programs and connect with students.
This year, one of our staff members will be heading into the University each week to connect with the students with free food and a space to make new friends. 

If you go to the W, click the link below so we can connect you to our team.

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